MBLEx Study Guide and Online Practice Exams

mblex study guide and practice exams

I understand the gravity of passing the MBLEx for people in your position.

You want to get your business going – like yesterday if possible.

I am also certain that this is the last time you want to take this test and you absolutely do not want to pay to take the test again.

So you have decided you are going to set aside some time to study and pass this exam. Now you need to find something to study.

I have been in your shoes. I took the NCETMB twelve years ago to get my Iowa massage license. After I passed, I was so relieved to have my license in hand. I was so happy that I never had to take a licensing exam again!

So, why did I take the MBLEx this year, twelve years after I graduated? You!

Why I Took the MBLEx

As a continuing education provider, part of my job involves helping colleagues that are transferring their massage license to Florida.

For the people who needed to take a massage licensing exam, I was often asked, “which massage exam should I take,” and then, “what is good resource for studying for the MBLEx?”

The MBLEx is often referred to as the preferred exam, but I did not know for sure. Since I had never taken the MBLEx, I did not know what study material was good either.

I wanted to recommend this exam with some confidence. So, one day I decided that I was going to take the MBLEx.

I looked around internet, bought a few guides, and thumbed through my old notes. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good materials available, but nothing was what I was looking for in an exam prep and study guide.

I Wanted:

  • Convenient, eco-friendly eBooks
  • Blank study guide worksheets to fill in
  • Lots of online questions and practice exams

MBLEx Study Guide and Practice Tests

That is when I decided that I could take my experience as a massage therapist and online educator to make one resource for my new colleagues that would include all of those things I, and others, were looking for when preparing for the MBLEx.

After the study guide and practice questions were completed, I found others to review the material and I used it exclusively to prepare for my MBLEx (that I passed).

The best part about this project has been hearing from people who have used these resources to learn, gain confidence, pass the MBLEx, and begin their careers in the massage field.

Whether you are about to or just graduated, have waited one, five, or ten years to take this exam; I invite you to try this Massage Exam Study Guide.

I Want You To Succeed!

Again, I said I understand the impact of passing or not-passing this exam has on the lives of my new colleagues, like yourself.

I do not take the responsibility of offering this exam prep material lightly.

I want you to succeed; so much that I went and took the MBLEx!

Now, it is your turn. I know this resource will help you too!

~ Ivy



  1. Jel-wu says

    I love your story, but I would like to get studying but I can’t find the study guide… Where is your material?

  2. Rhea says

    Hello! I heard that since the new year the format of the MBLEx has been changed somewhat. That there are more “scenario” questions. ex: “If a client presents with….” I was just wondering when you took your exam and what advice you may have when it comes to studying.

    • says

      Hi Rhea,
      The senario-type questions do trip some people up if they are not expecting those type of questions on the exam. This portion of the MBLEx is testing – “What would you do in your real massage practice?”. I think it is a great idea, but it does require you to be on your toes (Just like your real practice!). My advice would be studying your pathologies, so you understand what the possible contraindications and benefits of massage would be with a specific pathology. I hope this helps!

  3. Obioma says

    Hi, i have the same worry that Rhea is asking,
    I was wonder whether your study guide have the little scenarios like they would have on the on the MBLEX, because that’s what kind of missed me up on my first time taking a test and unfortunately I’m busy by 10 points…. so I am kind of worried and scared to take the next one cause I really do not want to fail the next test…

    • says

      Hi Obioma,

      With the subscription you get a downloadable Study guide eBooK and a Fill-in-the-blank eBook. Those you get to keep and access on the computer, or device, that you download them to (You can download them on multiple devices).

      Also with the subscription, you get access to the data bank of questions. You do need internet access to take the practice questions. There are client assessment scenarios. And I want to repeat my advice to Rhea that reviewing pathologies/indications/contraindications is also very helpful for people who struggle with this area on the MBLEx.

      I have talked to many people who have came to me after failing this test and are even more nervous the second time. Do not let this fear paralyze you! Remember it is not an indication whether you are going to be a successful MT or not. Just prepare the best you can.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Julie says

        Yes the fear part is what has me but even if I failed 5 times I’m not giving up. I keep failing client assessment. :( I fail by 10-20 points. But I’m not loosing hope. If u know know any tips to pass the client assessment part. Much appreciated.

        • says

          Hi Julie,
          Happy to hear that you are persistent and will not let this exam keep you from your massage therapy career! Without a doubt (!) the client assessment is the biggest complaint I hear from people. Like I have said before, working on massage therapy indications and contraindications with pathologies would be the best advice I could provide for this section.

          • says

            I took my first exam in july and have been studying for a few months to be on top of it. I take my exam again on wednesday the 20th….so nervous…i also failed the client assessments and also ethics. I failed by 30 points, no telling how many questions that was, anyhow, I’m just confused how I passed the other sections, and failed these two.

          • says

            Hi Holly,
            I am working on a blog to help people taking the MBLEx for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time. I wish I had it done for you. The best thing is that you know more what to expect this time. And expect to be a little more nervous this time; it just means you want to do a good job.

            It is great that the do let us know what are weak areas are so that we can focus on those areas for the next attempt. You can do really well in some areas and not so well in others according to your strengths and weaknesses. The client assessment makes up 17% and the Ethics is 13%. That is 30% of the exam there. So if you did not do well on those, that would make it difficult to pass. I hope that helps clear it up a little.

            Best wishes this week! Stop back and let me know how it goes.

  4. Tiffany says

    Hi, I would love to take the Mblex I have graduated in 2011 but things has come up in my life that had me put it on the back burner. I m not happy about it but I am ready now to take it. Well not completly ready. Im having trouble with the Anatomy and kinesiology and I dont do good on tests. I dont know what to do this will be the 4th time I take the test the last time I took it was 3 years ago. I felt so bad. But I dont want those 2 years that I went to college to go down the drain and I also dont want to be one of those people that always wonder what if I just gave it one more try. I was always good on the assessment but the part when they ask you about what you should do if he/she has osteoartheritis should you massage them or have them waite or the question like If a person gets in a accident and there body is sore but you find out that they have sterriods should you still massage them or tell them to come back when you are off sterriods some cazy question like that. and then the anatomy and kenis oh my God I am very tempted to buy your material but Im just scared that it wont help and I would just waste my time and I dont want to, and another thing my money is so tight these days I cant afford to pay for it and if it dont work I just wasted money I dont have to waste. I want to feel confident when I walk in and take the test. I want to know with out a doubt that Im goint to past. Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest Im so sad

    • says

      Hi Tiffany,

      The two areas you are struggling (client assessments and A&P&K) are the most common areas that I hear about when someone has not passed the MBLEx. You are definitely not alone. If massage is truly something you want to do, then you have no choice but to take it again. Now you should have a better idea of what to expect and where to focus your study efforts. I know this is frustrating and it is easy to lose confidence. I have seen many others like you have great success with using the service I offer. For people who struggle int those areas I recommend focusing on learning indications and contraindications for preparing for client assessment questions. Learning A&P take a lot of time and study for some people. You need to take the time to sit down and give it the attention it needs. You will be using both those areas a lot in your massage career. I have hundreds of questions in both these areas to help you prepare for the MBLEx. It will take a lot of practice on your part, but if massage is something you want to do, you can do it. I will try my best to help you prepare so that you can feel confident on exam day.

      I will also be sending you another email with more information about the recent additions to the prep service.

  5. Dee says

    Hello again Ivy. Several months have passed since we last spoke. Life seems to get in the way. Two questions for you: what is going on with the nctmb cert? I hear that they may be changing it
    A bit and making a new designation for advanced therapists. Is this true? What qualifies one for this certification? Next, do you still go back and forth to Florida or are you there permanently? If you do go back and forth, how do you make that work for your business? OOps one more question….can you give me some connections with county run schools? I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I will be in the Largo/Clearwater area. Thanks so much for all of your help Ivy! ~Dee

    • says

      Hi, Dee! The NCBTMB recently rolled out their BCTMB exam and certification. I don’t know too much about and I am not going to spend my money and time on it.

      I spend part of my time in Florida, but do not practice…. right now…. that may change someday.

      There us a Florida Massage Therapists Facebook page. There may some good contacts on schools there, or check out the FSMTA; I bet they have chapter meetings there.

  6. April says

    I wish everyone the best on taking the MBLEX, I am here in Austin, Texas stressing about taking this exam. YIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES!!!! But, massage is my passion, so I look forward to passing and having a great career in this wonderful field.

  7. vincent villaruz says

    Hi Ivy what is the price for the MBLEx exam in Florida?. Another question I moved from Hawaii to California and planning to move to Florida. In regards to my school transcript, do I need to contact my Hawaii massage school, to transfer it to Florida?. Or do I transfer my info from California massage board to Florida?….

    Sincerely Vincent Villaruz

  8. Tabitha L Bennett says

    I graduated from school in 2007 and then LIFE HAPPENED. Now I am ready to become a massage therapist but I am afraid I have been out of the field too long to pass the test — although I did well in school. Should I go back to school to refresh or are do you think your materials can assist me? I am planning to take the test in the Spring/Summer to allow myself enough time to study. Thoughts?!

    • says

      Life happens. A lot.

      Your situation is very, very common. I get emails from people that never completed the exam and are afraid they have forgot it all in the past few years. While a few things have changed, certainly I have not found a case where a person should need to go back to school and re-learn likely what they already know. The only time I would recommend going back is when it is required (if you state laws have changed), or if you really, really want to go back for more education.

      The study guide program was designed for people like you that stepped away and need to re-jog their memory after a few years off and those that are just getting out of school.

      I think you will find it will start coming back to you as you study. Those origin, insertion, action memories are tucked in there somewhere ready to come back out ;).


  9. daysha johnson says

    I have took my mblex twice first time it was 585 then 615 my weak points are my kinesology , client assessment and pathogens , I have a few study guides and I have given myself two months to study. Do you think thats enough time? I also use my trail guide book I believe it helps me alot with my muscles. Im kinda doubting myself because I really want to pass and start massage. Any advice on how to study those areas?

    • says

      Kinesiology is a tough area for a lot of people.

      Flash cards are great for memorizing origins and insertions plus actions. As far as assessment, I think a strong foundation in pathology is extremely beneficial. Know when pathologies are in indicated and contraindicated (including times- e.g. 24 hours, 72 hours, 6 weeks, or with a doctors permission).

  10. Gillian Cunningham says

    Ms. Ivy Hultquist~
    I am up here in North Carolina, and I have been reading through your site. I have signed up for a review class that begins next month (April 2014), so between that 4-day review-and working an online review program of some kind on my own -I am hoping to be ready to pass the MBLEx. I graduated from my school in 2007, but I am still optimistic! :) So, am I understanding correctly, that you suggest I use this link? http://www.massageexamacademy.com/ (-I am better with my hands/arms then I am with computer navigating!) I just want to make sure that if I will be purchasing an online program, that it will be helpful. It says the cost is 39.00 for a 45 day period.

  11. vincent villaruz says

    Hi Ivy, once a person has passed all the requirements for massage therapy in the state of Florida. Is it necessary to register a personal business with the city, in which one resides in?….Thanks Vince

  12. lulagarber says

    This blog is wroth reading and I am very proud of you for going out there and doing something about it. I will keep this in mind through out the rest of my massage career. I think it would even be good for LMT’s to practice the exams just for refreshers.

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