Giving Gifts to Your Massage Clients

Do you give gifts to your clients around Christmas and the holidays?   Chances are you certainly receive, or are offered, gifts from some of your clients this time of year.  Small gifts, candies,  and fruit baskets are typically a client’s way of telling you how grateful they are for the service you provide them.

On the flip side, gift giving can be great marketing tool and way of  letting your clients know that you appreciate their business throughout the year!   I have sewn flax eye pillows, made peppermint bath salts, ginger baths, given soy candles (I suggest Aromanaturals “Wish” or “Chai” !) , calendar magnets, pens, and a lot of samples of massage products.

Last year I gave away boxes of Sacred Earth Botanicals Samples.They were great (see above)!  I believe they were two dollars a piece.  Each box had a sample bottle of oil and lotion.  Also included was a small jar of their fantastic massage cream and a tube of their lip balm (Lemon-lime, peppermint, or spearmint).  This year I have opted for Soothing Touch and samples (I have been introduced to their great products this year and I love their customer service!)and mini Omni rollers.   Most massage product companies offer samples available for purchase.

Some other ideas include:

  • Sombra or Biofreeze Samples/bottles
  • Essential Oils – Some oils, especially citrus oils, can be economical and safe aromatherapy choices for aromatherapy beginners.
  • Relaxing CDs – I like to get these at the “Dollar Spot” at Target, usually around Mothers Day.
  • Massage Tools – Do not worry, they will not replace you! Not even close.  If anything, it will just remind them to call you!
  • Bon Vital sells samples of their products for about twenty to thirty cents a piece.  I like their body polish and  Organica Creme.

Remember to gracious and set clear, gift-giving boundaries.   Expensive or inappropriate  gifts should be turn down.  However, most small gifts are just your client’s way of saying “thank you”.  Enjoy the complement and the candies!

What did you give your clients?

Merry Christmas (Late!) and Have a Wonderful New Year!

Ivy Hultquist

Advanced Massage Techniques – Online Massage Continuing Education


  1. Brook says

    Where did you buy the Sacred Earth Botanicals sample boxes??? I’d really like to sample these products, but don’t want to invest in a full size bottle until I’ve smelled them- I’m very sensitive to smells. Thanks! Brook (


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